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This page lists the documents used by Investors considering using GBPM and enjoying client status.

A quick way to decide if you want to have GBPM manage your rental property is to review the way renters are screened and managed by reviewing the Tenant Acceptance Policy, Rental Agreement and other documents on the Tenant Support page.

If you like the level of detail and control of renters, review the following documents. The Investor FAQs are a good place to start.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How often do you inspect the property?

    A: We do a very through Tenant Check-in procedure that documents the status of the property, including taking pictures and testing the smoke alarms in the presence of the new Tenant. And we introduce ourselves to the neighbors and give them our contact information, just in case they learn of an issue that needs our attention. We inspect the property, confirming no lease violations, at 6 months and on the lease anniversary date through the term of the lease. The INVESTOR has the option of photographs and a written report for an additional fee. 
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