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Are you looking for a professional property manager for your residential investment homes? If so, you will find Greater Nampa Property Management LLC (GBPM) makes the experience trouble free and enjoyable. Let us show you how easy owning rental property in the greater Nampa area can be.

Most of the questions that Investors such as yourself ask are collected in the Investor FAQ for your online investigation.

When you are ready to begin the application process, please view our Investor Application Process, or if you need more information, complete the form to the right.

What services can you expect from Greater Nampa Property Management?

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate - with the Investor and Tenants.
  • We will manage your property as if it were our own.
  • Rental budget: we will work with you to set up a budget that includes projected rental income based on the current rental market, usual maintenance and management costs and mortgage / taxes/ insurance costs.
  • Advertising: we will recommend the lowest cost, most effective promotions for your property, including For Rent signs where possible and, virtual picture tour on our website, other free and free and fee based online sites and classified ads in the local newspaper..
  • Tenant screening: Residents are carefully selected through a rigorous screening process. See Tenant Screening question in Investor FAQ
  • Maintenance: We handle all the calls, 24/7. Our vendors are fully insured and licensed.
  • You will receive monthly statements with detailed income and expenses, including copies of all expense invoices.
  • Long term maintenance: GBPM can also help you set up a long term plan for repairs and upgrades and manage the bidding and completion of the projects.
  • We will represent you through the legal actions necessary to enforce the Rent/Lease Agreements

We look forward to making your real estate rental experience trouble free and fun. Let us put a smile on your face by applying now. View our Investor Application Process to get started.

Mike Rampelberg
Greater Nampa Property Management LLC

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  • "Thank you all very much for helping us rent this home, when we really needed it - and making our transition back to Idaho - smoother! "
    - Curtis, Denise & Ryan DeGuia
  • "I've depended on Annie Williams and Greater Boise Property Management to manage two rental properties for me. Having Annie as my property manager relieved me of all the stress and worries associated with being a landlord. I highly recommend her"
    - Lynn Martin
  • " Thank you so much for being wonderful agents over the past few years. We have fully trusted our house to your care and were not disappointed. We love the house and are very sentimental as it was the first house we bought as a married couple. We are sad that due to refinancing regulations we are forced to sell the property. "
    – Delena, Owner over 5 years, June 2014

  • " I heartily recommend GBP. I was one of their first customers many years ago. They have managed my properties ever since. I think this was possibly seven or more years ago. I have complete trust in Mike Rampelberg's integrity. I have known him and his parents for many years. He can be tough with renters when he needs to, but is careful to be legal and honest with them. Yes, I have been very happy with GBPM. "
    – Charles, Owner over 7 years, June 2014

  • " I currently have 2 properties rented out through Greater Boise Property Management. I did a lot of research on Boise property management companies before choosing them and learned that they have very competitive management rates and quality, dependable accounting. My property manager, Mike, has been fantastic. He really cares about representing and protecting me as the owner, while balancing renter requirements and needs. I found him to be almost always extremely accessible and receptive to new ideas. We've only had one renter change in the past 18 months and the property was efficiently turned over and prepared for a new renter and was filled within a week. I live in California and never have to worry about my homes in Boise as Mike has them covered. "
    – Nicholas Hess

  • " I owned investment property in 3 different states (Arizona, Texas and Idaho) and have had mixed experiences with property management companies over the years. It's VERY HARD to find a property management company that isn't so big that your 1 or 2 properties get ignored and isn't so small that an extra 2 properties is just too much for them. With Greater Boise Property Management I was never ignored or minimized and all of my emails and phone calls were promptly responded too. The company has been managing properties for years and it shows in their professionalism. Last year I sold my properties in Idaho, but I truly miss working with these property managers. I wish I could pick them up and move them to Texas to manage all my properties there. "
    – Brendan Monahan

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How do you handle repairs, maintenance, cleanup and preparation for leasing?

    A: The renter calls GBPM who then schedules and supervises subcontractors to perform the work. 
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Nampa Area Information

Nampa began its life in the early 1880s when the Oregon Short Line Railroad built a line from Granger, Wyoming, to Huntington, Oregon, which passed through Nampa.[ More railroad lines sprang up running through Nampa, making it a very important railroad town. Alexander and Hannah Duffes established one of the town's first homesteads, eventually forming the Nampa Land and Improvement Company with the help of their friend and co-founder, James McGee. In spite of the name, many of the first settlers referred to the town as "New Jerusalem" because of the strong religious focus of its citizens. After only a year the town had grown from 15 homes to 50. As new amenities were added to the town, Nampa continued its growth and was incorporated in 1890.

Unlike most towns in that historic era with streets running true north and south, Nampa's historic roads run perpendicular to the railroad tracks that travel northwest to southeast through the town. Thus, the northside is really the northeast side of the tracks, and the southside is really the southwest side of the railroad tracks. Founder Alexander Duffes laid out Nampa's streets this way to prevent an accident like one that occurred earlier in a town he had platted near Toronto, Canada. In that town, a woman and her two children were killed by a train when they started across the railroad tracks in a buggy and the wheel got stuck. As the Oregon Short Line railroad originally bypassed Biose, Nampa has the fanciest of many railroad depots built in the area.

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